Madara Uchiha The Winner of the Ninja War

For many, this title and the following one will be atotal nonsense, especially if you think about how the “facts” behind Boruto’s flop series are unfolding. And also considering that the argument branches out into several parts, I’ll be forced to have to create post after post to expose my point of view and open the eyes to those who haven’t done it yet. I look too “confident”, an almost sick and insane confidence, but the clues are too many and it is impossible for me to avoid and expose them.

Let’s start with saying something important: When I show facts or theories, I am always aware of the marketing game behind it. Because it is obvious, clear that there is a Marketing game behind it. But there are situations in which doesn’t get used, especially when Masashi Kishimoto himself talks about it.

Another thing I want to say is that I personally translate the interviews from Japanese into English(previously in italian on my main blog). Some of this content has been translated by other people that deprived important details which made a change in the meaning of what is said by some people like Original Author. Sometimes Translations are random due to people’s superficiality or people that want to show what they want to show and not what it’s actually showed. I want to give you the most “literal” translation to make you enter into author mind.
Also, when I don’t translate, it means it’s not possible to do it because the original source (japanese one) has been cancelled or still has not been found.

Now let’s get going with a question “Why the hell did I decide to call this post with “Madara is the winner of the ninja war?”. Maybe am I drunk!?!? Maybe yes or maybe not… But to give a proper juicy answer, we have to go back a little bit… Around…at the end of 2013 when Kishimoto announced (at the Jump Festa) that the end of the serialization of the manga was going to come soon , without any precise date.

And he added that Madara was such a strong character that he still didn’t quite know how to destroy him.


“It doesn’t matter how strong you are, everybody has a weakness…but Madara has not weakness.
What are you expectations about what will happen in future battle? Please wait with excitement!”

Now let’s take a closer look at the situation before moving on.
Here we go again, it’s 2013, Kishimoto and his staff decide to reveal publicly that Naruto is going to finish soo and this is actually what is happened within 1 yea: Naruto finishes. But we have two sources, one in English and one in Japanese that says that Madara is too strong. We could translate that sentence as “I don’t know how to destroy him”. Kishimoto is saying he has not weakeness. If you try to repeat these words in your head, it doesn’t come naturally to say to yourself , “Doesn’t that sound weird?” I mean, would you expect to finish a manga when you don’t even know how to destroy Enemy Number One of your own work!?
Sarcastically soomeone would respond “He certainly doesn’t make spoiler about new entry characters” (In connection to the Goddess Kaguya arriving on the scene ) and I would have nothing to say except that it is unacceptable for a character like Madara’ Uchiha to die because of an useless Zetsu. Kishimoto was clear and precise “No weakness” => マダラには弱点らしい弱点がない Do you seriously think that an unbeatable character, with no weakness, can be defeated by a Zetsu like that!? “Of course it’s possible, that’s what happened,” they said in chorus. lol

And this is where the problem comes “Some people analyze the situation based on what they see and not what they DON’T see”. One of Kakashi’s lessons was precisely to go beyond one’s nose. Words written by Kishimoto himself.
In this context (Naruto’s Finale) that “going beyond own nose” means “Listening to the scream of the author”. He would never casually say that Madara has no weaknesses, if there wasn’t a reason to do it. No, I don’t think it has been said with the aim of intriguing the fans. It was to say that “If something weird happens, question yourself”.
That “something weird” get conveyed through the “Zetsu’s move”.The speech would have been different if it had been a more powerful character to kill Madara. But nope, here we are talking about Zetsu. No one would believe that a Zetsu could beat a person with no weaknesses. And that’s what you mustn’t do: Believing that Zetsu has defeated Madara.
The theory says that “Madara Uchiha won the ninja war, and it is very likely that he’s never died. While Naruto and Sasuke have never deactivated the Infinite Tsukuyomi and may have died instead.”
To understand and to analyze this situation we shouldn’t necessarily look at the whole manga, but what has even been said outside it through interviews and more. As I have already said, we cannot ignore the author’s scream and the huge Show that have been staged to make people believe in this nonsense. Before getting to that information, I want to conclude the post, by mentioning a detail connected to that “Naruto and Sasuke may be dead” .
Kishimoto has already shown a clue a lot time before the ending, a chapter titled: “The True End” 本当の終わり The meaning of <“True” = hontou> that can be also seen as “fact”, of “real”… In short: True = Real.

If you don’t see anything particular, let’s try to see in this way.

From a point of view, the title is objectively the summary of the chapter and in that chapter Naruto and Sasuke are dead. But if we analyze better, The concept of Death is equivalent precisely to the concept of the End. Death and the End are the same thing. While the choice of the term “True” can be easily correlated to the scene of chapter 698, in which Naruto and Sasuke lie on the ground.

Madara Uchiha The Winner of the Ninja War

Don’t you remind something?
If you don’t, I will give you an help, showing you that NARUTO said clearly:


A message in which he makes it clear that there would be no winner if they were going to fight each other and this is what is happened at the end. In “The True Ending ,” they never fought, but died together that was just the representation of their bond…as well as their awakening. ’cause Kishimoto loves parallels. Naruto is full of scenes similar to others. And that is just a concatenation of messages sent by the author.

From the moment Kishimoto has started Naruto, knew from the beginning how was going to end the work…Kishimoto always visioned the future and he gave hints during the serializazion. One of the millions of proof, is with Tsunade, Orochimaru and Jiraiya that have a deep connection with Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. Kishimoto admitted somewhere he always visioned that.

So, yes, that sentence was a prediction for the future and Kishimoto wanted to let us know with “The True Ending” chapter, because he knew Naruto was going to have a different ending. In chapter 698, NARUTO AND SASUKE ARE ALIVE after fighting that is against what Naruto said previously(I repeat) and then they are surrounded by their own blood. Their existence and their deaths were both depicted in that only one panel. And it is precisely that panel that opens the dance to this Theory of “Madara Uchiha is the winner of the Ninja War”.

Because Chapter 698 is the true Naruto ending…

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