The True Ending of Naruto: Chapter 698.

My article “Madara Uchiha The Winner of the Ninja War” has been a weak introduction of what Naruto ending is. I wanted to avoid to show all details and information in just one place and it ended up to be confusing. But the more I will write the more I will have the chance to show more details.

The Symbolical Connection

Briefly in the first article I was trying to convey the fact Chapter 662 and Chapter 698 are connected. I was hardly trying to link the bl00d of Naruto and Sasuke ‘s last scene with the death in 662.
The bl00d is symbolical. It was meant to be used to show their death. Because the previous and original plan was that to end Naruto with the two main characters dead.
But something is happened before that time and so Kishimoto has changed plans.

The True Naruto Ending: Chapter 698

It’s not just through manga that you can get a such hint about the fact “Chapter 699-700 is not the true ending”, but there are also two interviews of Masashi Kishimoto to show that. Unfortunately it is available only one interview because other one has been cancelled from Japanese Source. But I am not going to stop to look for. Wait for it.

Comicon, New York 2015

It’s October 2015, Kishimoto went to New York for Comicon. I care that you remind this detail “New York” for the next parts of the theory, ‘cause USA had a huge and terrible role in everything happened.
That year marks the first time that Kishimoto went in a foreign country in relation with own work “Naruto”. Before that time, the only Foreign Country he got in connection with has been France with a video-message for Japan Expo 2009. It doesn’t sound weirdo!?

However, during the event of NY, he had the chance to take different interview, but in just only one he said something particular that made me once again connect all the informations, I already had.
Let’s see!

1) The Favorite Scene

In one of the interviews that he held, the question that has been asked to him was:

“Sensei, what kind of scene do you like the most?”

The True Ending of Naruto: Chapter 698.

And his answer was:

“The End after all”

followed by the sentence

I like the ending scene where Naruto and Sasuke have collapsed.

Yes, Kishimoto cared to clarify what was the ending part he was thinking. But especially he cared to mention and bring on the spot the “ending part“. What do I mean? It means( taking in consideration that Naruto contains 700 chapters in total)he could say any other favorite moment, but casually he has chosen the scene with Naruto and Sasuke collapsing on the ground. The same chapter that is directly connected to the chapter “True Ending” as I already tried to say.

The Meaning

Also, as I already wrote for japanese version “ナルトの本当の終わりは第698話です“, the meaning of “saigo 最後” means “Ichiban Owari” that literally can be translated as “The First Ending”. What is your conclusion about this?

The Professional Translation

Now I want to make you notice something else happened during those few moments. I am talking about how the professional translator has changed the words of Masashi Kishimoto.
Even if many people could make me notice that she is considering all the context. I reply that considering the context doesn’t mean to change totally author words. I think the concept of understanding context is misunderstood by a lot people. Surely there are sentences in japanese that need more words to give more sense. But this was not the context, especially considering how simple the sentence was.
This is what she translates and notice how many words she uses to enrich the speech, but that looks to go distantly from what Kishimoto has originally said.

I have to say that if I had…it’s really hard. But if I had to name one scene that was my particular favorite. It was towards the End. umh…in epi…um….in chapter 698, when Naruto and Sasuke are at the end of the battle and they have both fallen down, and they are both lying on the back on the ground…together”

– Professional Translator

She starts saying that Kishimoto thinks – it’s really hard- to choose a favorite moment. When? when is this happened? He has never said it was hard. Thinking for few seconds doesn’t mean that is hard.
Kishimoto also doesn’t say “particular favorite”, he just says “I like the ending where Naruto and Sasuke were laying” nothing more nothing less.
Then the worst part is “TOWARD THE END” this word choice changes the meaning of everything he said. She also cared to clarify “Chapter698”. Like “Chapter 698 is not the ending, but it’s 700”. She shows me to know many details about Naruto. But not enough to be successful against me. I see the lies, the tatics of hiding the truth in any way possible.


Kishimoto uses his favorite moment to reveal what is the true ending.

See you so soon with other facts and analysis.

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